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Sunday August 20, 2017

ABC News: Top Stories

ABC News: Top Stories
  1. Chicago slaying of hairdresser was part of sexual fantasy: Prosecutor
    Men allegedly hatched crime as part of a fantasy built online, prosecutor says.
  2. Police say 39 people detained over neo-Nazi march in Berlin
    Berlin police say 39 people were detained Saturday in connection with a far-right march commemorating the 30th anniversary of the death of high-ranking Nazi official Rudolf Hess
  3. Hospital officals: Nearly 500 dead in Sierra Leone mudslides
    Churches across Sierra Leone held special services Sunday in memory of the more than 450 people who were killed in mudslides and flooding earlier this week
  4. Hurricane Kenneth forms in Pacific far off Mexico's coast
    A hurricane has formed far off Mexico's Pacific coast, while people in the Caribbean are keeping watch for the possible reemergence of a tropical storm
  5. Mnuchin defends Trump's response to protests
    Treasury Secretary defends Trump's response to protests and rejects calls that he quit Cabinet
  6. Trump will address path forward on Afghanistan
    Trump plans to address the nation's troops and the American people Monday night.
  7. Former health chiefs to Trump: Avoid new 'Obamacare' crisis
    Former US health chiefs to Trump: Avoid creating more instability in health insurance marketplaces
  8. Trump has 'inside information' on who protested in Charlottesville: Falwell Jr.
    Jerry Falwell Jr. defended Trump's saying 'fine people' were on both sides.
  9. NYPD officers stand up for Kaepernick as new wave of NFL protests form
    The show of support comes amid more protests during Week 2 of the NFL preseason.
  10. Trump’s generals 'have to stay' in Cabinet to 'right the ship': Obama official
    Former Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson spoke of Mattis, Kelly, McMaster.
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