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Tuesday April 25, 2017

ABC News: Top Stories

ABC News: Top Stories
  1. Top foreign policy moments of Trump's 1st 100 days
    Decisions about life and death, war and peace, and military and diplomacy,
  2. White House backtracks after Trump opens door to delaying funding for border wall
    Trump said his administration could get the funding in September.
  3. Former AG Sally Yates to testify May 8 in Russia probe
    Former acting attorney general Sally Yates is scheduled to appear at a congressional hearing next month on Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election
  4. North Korea celebrates as South Korea, US keep watch
    North Korea held a major live-fire drill in the Wonsan city area.
  5. San Diego schools launches effort against Islamophobia
    One of the nation's largest school districts is launching an effort to better educate parents and teachers of its 132,000 students about Islam and Islamophobia, drawing praise and criticism
  6. New Secret Service director to be named
    Trump administration has settled on a new director the agency.
  7. Spain arrests 9 in probe of Brussels attacks
    32 civilians died and at least 300 more were injured in the 2016 blasts.
  8. Trump asked to work for release of 2 jailed by Iran
    Trump asked to work for release of 2 Iranian-American citizens jailed by Iran
  9. Only 37 percent say Trump should repeal and replace Obamacare: Poll
    A new poll finds broad public preference for keeping and improving Obamacare.
  10. Bill O'Reilly, 'sad' over firing, returns to podcast
    O'Reilly was dismissed from his Fox News Channel show last week.
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