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Thursday June 21, 2018

ABC News: Top Stories

ABC News: Top Stories
  1. Donald Trump on people from 'other countries': 'We're sending them the hell back'
    The president is doubling down on his hardline immigration approach.
  2. What's next for children already separated from their families?
    It's unclear how parents and children will be reunited.
  3. Trump signs executive order he says will keep immigrant families together
    The president has been under pressure to take unilateral action.
  4. Toddlers at a 'tender age' facility were 'traumatized,' doctor says
    Colleen Kraft, the president of the American Academy of Pediatrics, details her visit to a facility in Combes, Texas.
  5. 2 airlines ask US not to put migrant children on flights
    American Airlines and United Airlines say they have asked the US not to use their flights to transport migrant children who have been separated from their parents
  6. Heartbreaking stories of children impacted by border crisis
    Comes as controversy over the "zero-tolerance" policy rages on.
  7. Officer shot, killed 17-year-old boy who was fleeing at traffic stop
    Police killed a teen who fled from police near Pittsburgh Tuesday after being pulled over in a car believed to have been connected to an earlier shooting.
  8. Canada becomes 2nd country to fully legalize marijuana
    Canadian lawmakers approved landmark legislation on Tuesday to fully legalize marijuana.
  9. Michael Cohen resigns from RNC committee post, sources say
    Cohen is the president's longtime confidant and former personal attorney.
  10. Immigration backlog exceeds 700,000 cases and rising
    One thing Attorney General Jeff Sessions and immigration activists can agree on is that there is a huge backlog of immigration court cases at the southern border.
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