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Monday December 18, 2017

ABC News: Top Stories

ABC News: Top Stories
  1. The Note: As Mueller's probe continues, increased scrutiny of his efforts
    All signs suggest that America will have a new tax code signed into law.
  2. Power finally restored at nation's busiest airport after hours-long blackout
    Power outages in some parts of Atlanta's airport have grounded some flights.
  3. WATCH: Atlanta airport worker slides down escalator during power outage
    Video shows a worker at Atlanta's airport sliding down a stopped escalator on his way to help travelers stranded by power outage that grounded at least 1,200 flights.
  4. Carolina Panthers owner to put team up for sale amid misconduct investigation
    Jerry Richardson said he would not entertain inquiries until the season ends.
  5. China calls on US to promote peace ahead of Trump report
    China has appealed to Washington to promote 'strategic mutual trust' ahead of President Donald Trump's release of a national security strategy that is expected to label Beijing a 'strategic competitor.'
  6. Sarah Palin's son arrested on domestic violence claims
    Court documents say that Track Palin, the oldest son of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, was arrested on charges related to domestic violence again
  7. Holiday travel chaos ahead after Atlanta airport outage
    While power has been restored to the world's busiest airport in Atlanta, the travel woes will linger for days
  8. Lebanon detains suspect in killing of British embassy worker
    Lebanese police detain man suspected in killing British woman who worked at UK Embassy in Beirut
  9. McCain treated for viral infection, returns home to Arizona
    Republican Sen. John McCain's office says he has returned home to Arizona after being hospitalized for a viral infection and will miss a crucial Senate vote on the GOP tax package
  10. WATCH: Trump readies push for new tax bill
    Trump promised a tax cut for working American families, but Democrats say the new bill will do just the opposite.
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