Bell Ringing Record Try

Friday, November 30, 2012 09:11 AM
Written by Stan Maddux
Category: Local News

Billy Nickrand will be ringing a Salvation Army bell without stopping until midnight Saturday
in La Porte if he is able to endure to set a new record.
The 28 year old pastor at Door Village United Methodist Church is not
doing it for personal gratification.
He's more interested in helping the poor and bringing people to Christ.
The current record of 60 hours was set last year by three bell ringers:
Darrell Tureksis from Springfield, IL, along with Caleb Stokes and Leilan McNally from
Indianapolis, IN
''My friend last year did this and I remember how he brought everybody together
as a community and that is kind of what I was wanting to do.  That's why I am here,''
Nickrand started his bell ringing marthon at noon Thursday at Kroger in La Porte.
He likes to swim, bike and do other physical activities so leading up to his record breaking
attempt he tried sleeping as much as possible and eating healthy to add to his endurance.
Nickrand will have to stand the entire time he's ringing the bell.
He will be given a five minute break for every hour he stands to eat or
use the restroom.
Nickrand said one of his strategies is to skip some of those breaks and use those accumulated
minutes for a longer break whenever his stamina is tested the most.
''Hopefully, I can stockpile them so much that I can actually take a significant rest
when things get a little more tough,'' said Nickrand.
Nickrand said if he makes it to 60 hours depending on how he feels he will try to
reach 72 consecutive hours of bell ringing.
At the same time, Nickrand said he'll stop if he becomes sick or isn't feeling well.
He hopes to raise $5,000 for the annual kettle drive.
Greg Irwin, who's in charge of the La Porte Salvation Army, said
''It's hard to explain how much we appreciate Billy doing this.  To do 60 hours straight he has to be a little insane but we are so glad that insanity is to help us,'' said Irwin.
Irwin invites people even strangers to keep Billy company during his effort to
help keep him going.
''Be there.  Stand with him.  We're trying to line up volunteers as well to help with that
objective,'' said Irwin.