Prescription Drugs taken from La Porte Home

Saturday, November 24, 2012 07:52 AM
Written by Jennifer Christopher
Category: Local News

A La Porte family found out that you should always account for or lock up your medications when having guests over.

Police received a call from a resident on the 2500 East block of 500 south who claimed that someone had stolen 20 tablets of Hydrocodone from her home.

Police say the caller informed them that the medication was for her daughter and that she only became aware of them missing when said daughter went to take her schedualed dose and saw that they had vanished.

The caller then told police that she suspects a friend of her daughter's, who was in the home earlier that day, had taken the pills due to her asking for some in the past; however, when questioned the friend allegedly denied having anything to do with the missing pills.