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Monday October 22, 2018

Democrats Carry La Porte County

Tuesday, November 06, 2012 21:58 PM
Written by Stan Maddux
Category: Local News
Democrats won big in La Porte County during Tuesday night's election with just

one local race carried by a republican candidate.

The most closely watched race, perhaps, were the two open seats on the La Porte

County Commission to be filled by democrats Dave Decker and Dr. Vidya Kora.

Decker defeated republican Sharon Kirkham by about 3,600 votes while Kora

finished ahead of republican Terry Garner by a similar margin.

''This is just wonderful,'' said Decker.

Decker said one reason for the near democratic sweep were controversial statements

made by republicans in state and national races, including Richard Mourdock, the GOP

candidate for the open U-S Senate seat from Indiana who came under fire for saying a

pregnancy during a rape was a life that God intended to happen.

''I think you've seen it filter down,'' said Decker.

Kora said his main goal is to help bring more jobs to La Porte County by focusing on

areas like education.

''In this county we have great potential,'' said Kora, who has a medical practice in

Michigan City.

The three open seats on the La Porte County Council will be filled by incumbents

Matt Bernacchi and Lois Sosinski along with newcomer Jeff Santana.

All three of the democrats soundly defeated republicans Ron Kniola, Brad Mrozinski

and Dan Vanschoyck.

La Porte County  Treasurer Nancy Hawkins gained a second term defeating republican

Leigh Morris by nearly 6,000 votes.

Only republican state representative Tom Dermody carried La Porte County.

Dermody gained a fourth consecutive term as by defeating democrat Karen

Salzer by nearly 5,000 votes in the La Porte County portion of the race for the District 20


Dermody's district does not include Michigan City, which traditioinally

is heavily democratic.

''I couldn't be more proud of all of the candidates that all worked hard for a

long period of time,'' said Dermody.

Other contested races included La Porte County Coroner John Sullivan winning a second term

over republican Rodney Peters by nearly 14,000 votes.
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