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Tuesday August 21, 2018

Voter Purge Corrections done

Friday, October 26, 2012 10:02 AM
Written by Stan Maddux
Category: Local News

A federal investigation is being sought into the purging of more than 13,000 people

from voter registration lists in La Porte County.

The names after allegedly removed wrongfully started being added back into the

registration books

On Thursday, all of the corrections had been completed with more than 10,000

still eligible voters reentering the logs.

The remainder of the names were not put back in due to deaths and other factors

such as relocating outside the county,said Donna Harris, co-director of the La Porte County

Voter Registration Office.

Nevertheless, La Porte County Democratic Party Chairman John Jones said he is asking

for the inquiry.

''Voters deserve to know how this got started in the first place,'' said Jones.

Jones said he will ask the U.S. Department of Justice Election Integrity Task Force to

investigate the wrongful purging of voters.

He said the effort to clean up voter registration lists in La Porte County was led by Harris.

She is the wife of La Porte County Republican Party Chairman Keith Harris, who is also a

candidate for La Porte County Clerk.

Under federal law, Jones said voters can only be purged if they have not voted in two federal

election cycles.

Jones said the purged voters did not vote in state and local elections in 2010 or 2011 but they

did cast ballots in the 2008 presidential election.

Therefore, he said they were not eligible to be purged from voter registration lists.

''This wrongful effort to deprive voters of their constitional rights has been halted in its tracks.

Voters deserve to know how this got started in the first place,'' said Jones.

Harris said at the advise of her lawyer she declined to respond to Jones' allegations.

However, she said names were purged from voter registration lists throughout Indiana

in 2011 at the orders of the state as a general updating of the books.

She said the over 10,000 people added back to the list of registered voters will have to

cast a ballot tn the upcoming election to remain in the books.

She said the process for removing names begins when people fail to vote in two

consecutive presidential elections.

Two separate mailings then go out to their homes and if the letters come back

with a notice they no longer live at that location the names of those individuals are taken off

the books.

''They will have to vote in this election to activate their registrations again,'' said Harris.

After the voter registration list was purged, Harris said the names started being added back after a

woman who came in to vote absentee this month discovered she was no longer listed as a

registered voter and complained to the courts.
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