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Monday October 22, 2018

clown convention in laporte

Friday, October 05, 2018 07:42 AM
Written by Stan Maddux
Category: Local News

An army of clowns have landed in LaPorte.

They're here for an annual convention going on at the Best Western Plus Hotel.

Last night.....close to 100 clowns were involved in stage acts.....or simply

chit chatting.

Jim Caffrey made the three hour drive from Iowa.

As a clown...he goes by Hillbilly Willie........

Some of the clowns were from the region......

Merle Miller of LaPorte was not dressed up but he's been a clown

for more than a half century.....

The clowns bring smiles to faces in parades.....festivals.....and other places like

nursing homes.
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