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Wednesday September 19, 2018

lawsuit seeks two million from nb city

Friday, September 07, 2018 07:52 AM
Written by Stan Maddux
Category: Local News

Two million dollars is sought from the city of New Buffalo in a lawsuit filed by a

longtime political watchdog.

Ray Kirkus says the city wants to open a street.........that will run right in front of his

house....just because the administration doesn't like him.

Right now...the undeveloped street dead ends on his property.

But...if opened and connected with U.S 12....the street could turn his quiet

Secluded setting into the Indy 500..

Kirkus has filed lawsuits and spearheaded recall elections in New Buffalo in the past.

He's ruffled some feathers over the years....and again he feels he has to fight back.

Mayor Lou O'Donnell said he could not comment because of the litigation

still being a pending case before the court.

Kirkus alleges the decision to move forward on opening the street was made

by the administration...

But...should have been done by the planning commission and city council.
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