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Monday October 22, 2018

Satellite blocking gas thefts

Monday, October 22, 2012 13:15 PM
Written by Dennis Siddall
Category: Local News
Satellite Blocking Gas Thefts


By Stan Maddux

Police are trying to find out who stole gasoline near Michigan City by blocking a satellite


Over the weekend....sheriff's deputies were called to the Mobil station

on U-S 12 near the state line.

The manager told police the gasoline pumps were used and the fuel paid

for with stolen or fraudulent credit cards.

He also told police sheets of tin foil were placed on a satellite blocking

the signal.

The signal received by the dish detects if credit cards are fraudulent or stolen

when the credit card is swiped at the pumps.

According to police...the thefts must have occurred after the gas station

closed for the night.

That's because after closing the pumps stay on and can be used as long as

a credit card is used for payment.

Apparently....the satellite was reached by climbing onto the roof.

How much fuel was stolen was still being looked into.
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