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Tuesday September 18, 2018

woman injured in rooster attack

Friday, July 06, 2018 16:52 PM
Written by Stan Maddux
Category: Local News

The cuts and scratches on a Michigan City area woman are healing up from an attack by her neighbor's rooster.

It might take her a bit longer, though, to recover emotionally.

''It was awful experience. It really was,'' said Donna Graham.

Graham, 56, said the rooster has been flying over her chain link fence into her backyard frequently since May when she and her husband moved there from Portage.

On Wednesday, LaPorte County Police got involved when she reported being assaulted by the rooster on her property in the 7200 block of W. Johnson Rd.

Graham said the rooster had been crowing in her backyard for more than two-hours when she went out and opened her backyard gate.

The woman said she was trying to ''shoo'' the rooster through the opening in her fence when the bird came at her.

Graham said the rooster began clawing and pecking at her legs and chased her all the way to her back door.

She put dish soap and peroxide on her half dozen or so marks that were bleeding, Graham said.

Graham said she hasn't been in her backyard ever since.

''It was just a horrible, terrible thing to have happen,'' she said.

According to police, officers spoke to her neighbor, Tracy Harshman, who promised to try and keep closer watch on her farm.

June Lenig, the LaPorte County 4-H poultry supervisor, said roosters like other animals can retaliate if feeling threatened.

She said the best thing for her to do would have been to stand up to the rooster.

''That would have stopped it right now,'' Lenig said.
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