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Saturday October 20, 2018

no to additional ambulance

Friday, June 01, 2018 17:44 PM
Written by Stan Maddux
Category: Local News

Adding an ambulance will not happen apparently this year in LaPorte County.

The LaPorte County Emergency Medical Service wanted to add an ambulance to its

existing fleet.

During heavy call volumes....EMS administrator Andrew McGuire says all six of the ambulances countywide are sometimes out handling calls...

And if there's another call before one of those ambulances returns.....assistance

has to be sought from outside the county.

He told the county council this week an extra one would help alleviate that situation...

The council 4-3 decided against the purchase.

Opponents of the purchase said EMS has some spare ambulances can be used during


But...McGuire says they're older and could be unreliable if used more frequently.

Councilman Mike Mollenhauer was in favor of the purchase.

The former sheriff says emergency response vehicles are nothing to go cheap on....

McGuire says the number of EMS calls are much higher nowadays.....but the number of

ambulance has remained in the same for many years.
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