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Thursday September 20, 2018

milo returns to talk jobs strategy

Friday, April 13, 2018 19:00 PM
Written by Stan Maddux
Category: Local News

Former LaPorte mayor Blair Milo said employers, schools and communities in Indiana must join hands and never let go to provide a pipeline of talent for job openings now and tomorrow.

The marriage should also remain strong so as jobs change the workforce changes with it to meet demand for different skills.

''The need to get talent to market quicker is through that collaboration,'' said Milo, who since August has been Secretary of Career, Connections & Talent for the state.

''So much is shifting at such a rapid pace,'' she said.

Milo was the keynote speaker at AK Smith Career Center in Michigan City at a Friday breakfast kicking off activities for World Creativity & Innovation Week that starts Monday.

Presently, she said there are 85,000 posted job openings in Indiana.

By 2027, the figure is projected to grow to one million as new jobs get added and baby boomers keep retiring.

At the direction of the governor, Milo is leading the charge to keep down those numbers by taking her ready to work strategy across the state.

Specifics include schools teaching skills needed by local employers and reaching out to people already in the workforce with opportunities for retraining.

Milo said areas outside Indiana are also being targeted for recruiting skilled people into the state.

Her belief is employers and educators have a growing desire to communicate but don't follow through sometimes because they're not sure how to start and do it effectively long term.

Bridging that gap as a resource and problem solver is one of her tasks during her visits to communities statewide.

Milo, 34, was into her sixth year as mayor when she left in August for Indianapolis to fill the new position created by Gov. Eric Holcomb.

A talent pipeline from schools to the workplace was developed in LaPorte during her first term as mayor.

She had some adjusting to do, though, after taking her skills to a much larger arena but now Milo seems to have full grasp of the ropes.

''Now I get to be the chief evangelist of all of these efforts,'' Milo said.

The breakfast was hosted by the Michigan City based Center for Creative Solutions.

CCS gave its 5th annual Creo Award to Ben Konowitz, for his creative approach to raising $80,000 for charity since 2013.

Must of the revenue has been raised from stand up comedy shows the local comedian and business owner has put on at the LaPorte Little Theatre House.
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