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Thursday September 20, 2018

former postal carrier chared

Tuesday, April 10, 2018 17:08 PM
Written by Stan Maddux
Category: Local News

A former postal carrier from LaPorte man is charged with not delivering an estimated 17,000 pieces of mail.

Kristopher Block, 39, of 514 Woodson St. was charged Tuesday in LaPorte Circuit Court with level 6 felony official misconduct and Class A misdemeanor theft.

According to court documents, the investigation headed up by the U.S Postal Service began when a deputy with the Berrien County Sheriff's Office in February of 2017 discovered more than half of the undelivered mail down a ravine.

The ravine was in a wooded area off Wilson Rd. outside New Buffalo.

It was later determined the now frozen bundles of mail originated from the U.S Post Office branch in LaPorte.

According to court documents, LaPorte Postmaster Phillip Ward determined Block was the carrier assigned to deliver each of the discarded pieces.

Initially, Block denied the allegations but when shown 150 pieces of the recovered mail stated ''looks like I'm going to jail.'' court records disclosed.

Block told investigators he took home the mail he couldn't deliver before his shift ended and paid a man $50 to burn each bundle.

He said this occurred for several months on a regular basis whenever he fell behind and ran out of time to deliver it, authorities said.

After questioned, authorities said Block later brought back to the post office tubs containing about 6,000 pieces of undelivered mail he still had inside his residence.

Exactly how many pieces were recovered from the ravine were not known due to damage but the estimate was 11,000, authorities said.

According to court documents, early attempts by investigators to contact the man allegedly paid to burn the mail were not successful.

LaPorte County deputy prosecutor Frank Rodriguez declined comment.

Ward and others tied to the case were not able to be reached.
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