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Wednesday September 19, 2018

farmers protecting grain from floodwaters

Tuesday, February 27, 2018 15:07 PM
Written by Stan Maddux
Category: Local News

Farmers in the LaCrosse area have moved grain to higher ground and built dikes around storage bins to hold back flood waters.

Frank Gorski, whose family farm along Indiana 8 is less than a mile from a swollen Kankakee River, said the ground was too soft for trucks to get in and haul away 10,000 bushels of his soybeans.

Two of his grain bins that could not be emptied now have three to five feet high dikes made from sandbags around them to try and prevent the soybeans inside from getting wet.

''We've moved irrigators to high spots in the fields and prayed a lot,'' said Gorski.

With help from family members and friends, Gorski said sandbags Monday started being filled and placed around his two grain bins where trucks could not get in to remove the soybeans because of the ground being too saturated.

Some of his 20 grain bins were protected from being on higher ground but all the others except for the sandbagged ones had the soybeans moved to safer locations.

Gorski said his problems stem not just from the recent heavy precipitation and snow melt but the Yellow River getting breached by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources to relieve flooding in Starke and Marshall counties.

That sent water into an already high Kankakee River and into the Kankakee Fish and Wildlife area then onto his property.

''When the Kankakee got full it broke those banks and now it's flooding us,'' Gorski said.

Gorski said water levels on his property have been going up and down slightly for several days.

He was not sure how much longer the flood waters will pose a threat to his stored crop from the fall harvest.
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