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Wednesday September 19, 2018

guilty plea in fatal fleeing case

Monday, February 19, 2018 14:59 PM
Written by Stan Maddux
Category: Local News

A man who fled after killing a 5-year old Michigan City girl with his motor vehicle has pleaded guilty.

Sentencing is scheduled April 30th for Marcus Scully, who faces anywhere from one to six years on level 5 felony leaving the scene of an accident resulting in death.

His admission to the allegations in LaPorte Superior Court 1 Thursday came without an offer from prosecutors.

Scully, 35, of Trail Creek told police the girl ran out in front of him and he didn't stop because he panicked.

He turned himself in two days later after police released a picture of a fleeing SUV captured by a surveillance camera near the accident scene.

The SUV turned out to be identical to the gold 2012 Chevy Equinox recovered from outside the home of his parents, Minister Wesley and Donnita Scully, at 508 Pine Tree Dr. in Trail Creek, police said.

The arrest also followed a public appeal by the girl's parents, Matthew Klewer and Gail Biela, for whoever killed their daughter to turn themselves in.

According to police, Delaney Klewer was returning to Water Tower Park with her

eight-year old sister, Sara, to retrieve her flip flops when struck June 18 in the 300 block of Broadway St.

Her parents stated that Sara yelled for Delaney to get out of the street when she saw what she described as a fast moving vehicle approaching.

During a June 20 oral probable cause hearing, Lt. Jeff Loniewski testified Scully said after impact he saw a girl in his rear view mirror laying in the street and never stopped or made an attempt to call police.

''His excuse was he just panicked,'' Loniewski said at that hearing.

Police said there was no evidence of Scully being impaired or using a cell phone.

Dave Biela, 73, of Michigan City said her son, Jeff, was the girl's stepfather until he and her mother divorced just prior to the accident.

''He diapered that baby. He raised her. We got pictures of her in our house,'' said Biela.

Biela credited Scully despite the pain caused by the death for coming clean.

''I respect him for his honesty. We need more people like that regardless of the end result,'' said Biela.

Biela said his son still feeling the loss wore a shirt with Delaney's picture on it during a recent trip to Michigan.

''He's still carrying that cross as well,'' said Biela.

Scully has been out since posting $15,000 bond nine days after the girl's death, according to court records.
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