clint eastwood could star in mc movie

Friday, February 02, 2018 17:45 PM
Written by Stan Maddux
Category: Local News

Leo Sharp was known as the world's oldest drug mule earning millions of dollars to bring in large cocaine shipments from Mexico for a cartel.

Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood reportedly has plans to make a movie about the now deceased man from Michigan City and play the leading role.

According to The Tracking Board, a Hollywood news publication, Eastwood is in contact with Warner Bros. and Imperative Entertainment about ''The Mule,'' a movie he plans to produce, direct and star in as Sharp.

Sharp was 87 on his way to Detroit with 200 pounds of cocaine in his old pick-up truck when arrested by Michigan State Police in 2011.

He was sentenced to three-years in prison then over a year later released because of terminal cancer.

Sharp was 92 when he died in 2016.

According to Wikipedia, Sharp fought in World War II and received a Bronze Star Medal for his combat efforts.

He was also a world renowned horticulturist and florist, especially known for his daylilies and new breeds of flowers.

According to Wikipedia, Sharp born in Michigan City and raised in Detroit became a drug runner in the 80's for the Sinaloa cartel

The cartel, often referred to as Mexico's most powerful organized crime group, is associated with Joaquin Guzman also known as ''El Chapo.''

Guzman, considered by the federal Drug Enforcement Administration as ''The Godfather of the Drug World'' is being held in the United States awaiting trial for his alleged cartel related crimes, according to Wikipedia.

Jack Arnett, executive director of the LaPorte County Convention & Visitors Bureau, sees no drawbacks with such a movie in terms of marketing the community.

Michigan City has been aggressive recently spreading the word about its lakefront and other assets in its march toward revitalization.

Arnett said having Eastwood here combined with the positives about Sharp and interesting storyline would draw even more attention to the city and the good things happening here.

Any negatives cast on the city's image would be neutralized by all of those factors, he said.

''I think most of us picture drug runners as gang bangers or young kids. This is a whole different scenario. I think it's just intriguing enough to bring good positive attention,'' Arnett said.

City councilman and local tavern owner, Johnny Stimley, said he's not so sure if such a movie would be all positive.

Eastwood being here would be a ''great asset,'' said Stimley, who would prefer a movie about a local person who made their mark for something totally positive without skeletons like Sharp's.

'It's kind of a touchy thing, you know. You don't want to be famous for that,'' Stimley said.

Arnett said he first learned of the possible movie from a post on social media and other news outlets picking up on the story.

Both he and the mayor's office report not being contacted yet by anyone from the movie industry about coming here.