prison guard accused of drug smuggling

Tuesday, January 23, 2018 06:21 AM
Written by Stan Maddux
Category: Local News

In Westville....a man is now in the same boat as the offenders he was paid to


According to authorities.....the Westville Correctional officer tried smuggling heroin and

other contraband.

Paul Farkas is still being held in the LaPorte County Jail awaiting the outcome of the


According to prison officials....the Hobart man reported for work but could not

pass entry into the prison.

A pack of cigarettes fell to the floor...during a standard shakedown.

THEN....came a search and recovered allegedly were heroin and cocaine...along

with over 300 dollars in cash.

Farkas could face anywhere from a one to six year sentence on a felony trafficking


His bond was set at $15,000.