donations sought for k-9

Friday, January 19, 2018 18:38 PM
Written by Stan Maddux
Category: Local News

The police department in LaPorte is accepting donations so it can have a K-9 dog more often on duty.

Capt. Bill Degnegaard said a second drug sniffing dog would probably be assigned to afternoons.

The department's only dog, ''Rambo,'' is presently on midnights.

''We definitely need another one,'' said Roger Galloway, councilman from the city's 4th Ward.

With money tight, the police department has started a K-9 fund to pay for the anticipated $18,000 cost.

Degnenaard said much of the expense is for converting the rear passenger area of a police car into a secure holding place for the dog so he's not tossed around the back seat in his travels.

Training both the dog and officer handling the animal is also a major part of the price tag, he said.

The department, eventually, could add a third dog to have one for each shift.

But, that will depend on the results achieved from adding a second dog and fund raising, Degnegaard said.

Presently, the department calls for a dog from the sheriff's office when needed but one is not always readily available.

The result is drugs getting overlooked, perhaps, or suspects on foot slipping away.

''There might be times we missed stuff because a dog wasn't there at the time,'' Degnegaard said.

Degnegaard said people should make checks payable to the LaPorte Police K-9 fund.

He's hoping, eventually, the city will kick-in some dollars toward the purchase.

Galloway often vocal about cracking down on drugs was met with resistance in his push for a second K-9 under the previous administration.

''We need the dog. '''We can't work our one dog to death,'' said Galloway in his sixth year on the council.