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Wednesday September 19, 2018

fire linked to leaves

Wednesday, November 29, 2017 13:48 PM
Written by Stan Maddux
Category: Local News

Leaves are blamed for a motor vehicle being engulfed by flames

In LaPorte yesterday.

According to police.....66 year old Richard Games was driving around Stone Lake about 4 a.m.

It's something he does practically every morning before going to have breakfast.

He was going around a curve when his right side tires went off the pavement...

Games was then pulled entirely off the roadway.

Police say Games came to a stop and put his truck in reverse then accelerated to try and

get back on the pavement.

But....police say the leaves underneath his truck caught fire.

The flames engulfed his truck and caught leaves on both sides of the street on fire.

Firefighters were out there for about one hour.
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