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Monday August 20, 2018

city attorney to reunite with milo

Friday, October 20, 2017 14:06 PM
Written by Stan Maddux
Category: Local News

The city attorney in LaPorte is leaving to join former mayor Blair Milo at the statehouse.

Rebecca Meyer-McCuaig will become chief counsel and director of solutions for Milo in her new position as Indiana's first Secretary of Career Connections & Talent.

McCuaig, a 2007 graduate of the Valparaiso University School of Law, said the offer from Milo was too good to pass up.

''It just seems to be the right fit and it's a great opportunity to help at the state level and still be able to serve LaPorte,'' she said.

The LaPorte native has been city attorney since 2013.

Her final day on the job will be October 27.

Milo, the youngest LaPorte mayor when elected in 2011, began her new role August 14.

She was appointed by Gov. Eric Holcomb to the newly created position to lead efforts at filling a projected one million job openings in the state over the next decade mostly from aging baby boomers retiring and help people get the skills needed to fill those vacancies.

Mark Krentz is now the mayor after chosen over seven other candidates by 20 republican precinct committee members from the city during a August 11 caucus.

''He's been amazing to work for and I love his vision for the city but I had an opportunity to meet with secretary Milo and hear what she's doing at the state level and I welcomed the opportunity to be part of her team,'' she said.

McCuaig was a deputy prosecutor in Marion County prior to replacing Don Baugher as the city attorney when he retired.

She said most rewarding was being part of a goal setting team at City Hall and successes like the development of NewPorte Landing, the new downtown Plaza 618 at Lincolnway and Monroe St. and outside restoration of close to 20 buildings downtown under a city grant program.

''Just a lot of good things and a lot of good things I know mayor Krentz is going to just continue championing,'' McCuaig said
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