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Saturday October 20, 2018

street to be one-way for trail

Tuesday, October 03, 2017 15:46 PM
Written by Stan Maddux
Category: Local News

Part of a street in LaPorte is becoming one-way to allow the other side to become a trail along Clear Lake.

The new half mile long path is one of the legs in the much larger Chessie Trail planned to run from Pine Lake and through NewPorte Landing into the downtown.

Clear Lake Boulevard will be one-way from Linwood St. to McClung Rd. under an ordinance adopted Monday night by the city council.

City Engineer Nick Minich said a new surface will be laid on what's now very bumpy pavement and one side of the road will be reserved for walking, running and riding bicycles.

Parking for about 20 vehicles along with a four foot high landscaped buffer will be created between the trail and shoreline, he said.

Parks Superintendent Mark Schreiber said it's a good step for turning a relatively under used body of water into more of an asset for the city.

''We already have a lot of people who like to walk that but they're now going to be able to walk it in a safer environment,'' said Schreiber.

Parking will be not just for users of the trail but for any sort of recreation like fishing on the shoreline and watching a sunset, he said.

Minich said work on the Clear Lake trail will begin this year and be finished in the spring.

The city's redevelopment commission is paying the $350,000 tab.

''It's really going to enhance the shoreline there,'' he said.

Penny Ferguson has lived along Clear Lake for close to 20-years and stormed away from the podium.

Ferguson said she liked the idea but felt offended that she wasn't notified of the plans.

She also wandered if any of her land would be taken for developing the trail.

City officials assured her that is not going happen and property values beside the trail would go up.

''I don't take lightly your concerns and if you don't get satisfaction then please come to me or come to any of the council people,'' councilman Tim Stabosz told her.
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