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Sunday August 19, 2018

disturbing evidence alleged in bomb making

Friday, September 22, 2017 15:34 PM
Written by Stan Maddux
Category: Local News

A LaPorte man assembled an extremely powerful liquid bomb and a neighbor's car would have blown up from turning the key had the suspect's workmanship not failed.

He also lured a girl into his home more than once and may have been stalking and threatening harm to other girls.

That was part of the disturbing police testimony that led to Eric Weiler being formally charged with two counts of possession of a destructive device or explosion.

LaPorte Circuit Court Judge Tom Alevizos also ordered the defendant held on $500,000 cash only bond to minimize his chance for release prior to the case being settled.

''We have an extremely dangerous individual here,'' said LaPorte County deputy prosecutor Atley Price.

Weiler of 707 F St. across from LaPorte High School could face anywhere from a 10 to 30 year sentence on each count.

La Porte Police Detective Robert Metcalf said two of the defendant's friends came forward Wednesday alarmed by Weiler the past six months talking about ''little girls'' and abducting children.

They also revealed Weiler had befriended a neighbor girl and had just watched a girl for two-hours, said Metcalf.

Soon, during a hidden recording, Metcalf said Weiler discussed and showed two bombs he claimed to have made inside his residence and disclosed trying to blow up a neighbor's vehicle.

Price said the owner learned the ignition had been wired to the gas tank after taking his car to a mechanic because it started running poorly.

Two bombs, including one capable of leveling his house, were found during a search along with threatening notes to an unnamed girl.

''I will see you or you will die'' and ''waiting for you and you will come with me tonight'' were among writings on four post cards, according to Metcalf.

Weiler had also been spending time inside a vacant house also across from the high school and inside that empty dwelling were items described only as disturbing.

Lou Wiencken, 82, said she and several neighbors near the suspect's residence were evacuated by police about 8 p.m.

She was with her son, John, and observed multiple law enforcement agencies from the high school parking lot, where she waited to be allowed to return home three hours later.

"I never had that experience before. I don't want it again, either," she said.

LaPorte School Corp. superintendent Mark Francesconi said activities inside the building were allowed to go on as scheduled Wednesday night after receiving assurance from police nobody there was in danger.
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