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Thursday October 18, 2018

alleged biting shoplifter

Friday, September 22, 2017 15:30 PM
Written by Stan Maddux
Category: Local News

A LaPorte grocery store security worker was bitten during a struggle with a

suspected shoplifter.

According to police....it happened at Al's Supermarket.

The store was about to close last night when a man wearing a backpack

came in.

He was seen placing store items into the backpack...

If that wasn't ehough....police say he also put things like Nutter Butter brand cookies

into his pants pockets.

The 74 year old security officer during a struggle was bitten on the left arm.

He was holding the suspect to the floor when police came in and took the

alleged shoplifter to the county jail.

30 year old Mark McGinn was charged with battery and theft.

Police say he bit the store worker hard enough to draw some blood and

leave teeth marks on his skin
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