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Monday August 20, 2018

trial for sister in brother's death

Monday, September 18, 2017 17:18 PM
Written by Stan Maddux
Category: Local News

A trial began Monday in LaPorte Circuit Court for a 75-year old woman blamed for having a role in the beating death of her legally blind and physically disabled brother.

LaPorte County deputy prosecutor Julianne Havens told jurors not a single 911 call was placed during the three days she and her 45-year old son remained with the badly injured man inside his Fish Lake area home.

Georgia Arvidson could face anywhere from a 3 to 16 year sentence if convicted of level 3 felony neglect of a dependent.

Minter has not entered a guilty plea or gone to trial yet on four counts, including level 3 felony aggravated battery and level 5 felony involuntary manslaughter.

Havens said the defendant and her son in October of 2015 came up from Texas to visit 68-year old Harold Grise.

Grise upset about the obnoxious behavior and heavy drinking of his nephew grabbed him by the throat hard enough to cut off his air flow.

After letting go, Minter retaliated with two blows that fractured his uncle's face in multiple spots, she said.

No medical help arrived until the victim's son unable to get ahold of his father made the drive from Westville and through a window saw him naked on the floor.

Havens said Grise died four days after taken to a hospital.

''He was placed in a situation that created risk for his health and life,'' Havens said.

Defense attorney Steve Snyder said Grise and Arvidson took turns traveling to visit each other annually.

They were both from the old school and Grise being tough told his sister not to call 911, he said.

''As a woman of her era, she did what the man of the house told her to do,'' said Snyder.

Snyder said Arvdison despite physical struggles of her own along with her son cared for Grise the best they could and at one point felt he might be getting better.

According to police, he was cleaned and given soft foods and liquid.

Havens, though, said the victim's face was purple and his eyes were swollen shut when first discovered by emergency personnel.
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