milo going to indy with jobs strategy

Friday, July 28, 2017 14:53 PM
Written by Stan Maddux
Category: Local News

She's 34 and now a member of the governor's cabinet, but moving up the ladder and even possibly to the top is not what LaPorte mayor Blair Milo says is her goal.
''I never got involved in government to be someone. I got involved to do something and this is a really exciting opportunity to continue to do more where I've seen great action is needed and more coordination is needed.''
Milo on August 14 will become the state's first ever Secretary of Career Connection and Talent, a position created by the governor to help fill the 700,000 jobs in Indiana projected to be vacated by retiring baby boomers over the next decade and the 300,000 new ones anticipated during the same time period.
Milo, though, said her strategy is not just filling holes.
It's really about putting students and others on a path to a career or job high in demand they would be passionate about and enriched by.
Her approach is part of an equation she's followed in LaPorte and believes it holds the key to a healthier society and country.
''Ultimately, we want to see people feel engaged in the workplace. When they feel passionate about what it is they get to do, I think that results in greater happiness for the individual and greater productivity.''
''And then that creates greater growth for that person individually and the business they're serving,'' she said.
The end result, she said, is a higher quality workforce and better economic growth for the state and nation.
''All of the outcomes are positive when you are able to connect an individual with a career they feel passionate about,'' Milo said.
Her game plan includes recruiting talented individuals from outside the state.
Her focus is also on more offenders getting the skills needed to become successful on the outside and helping more abusers of heroin and other drugs overcome their addictions so they can become personally satisfied and productive.
Milo, a veteran of the U.S Navy, said she's excited and sad to be leaving the community she grew up in and returned to just prior to her election as mayor in 2011.
While living in Indianapolis, she's keeping her current residence so home doesn't seem all that far away.
''Certainly, I have mixed emotions on some of the change elements that are part of it. LaPorte is a big part of my heart and so much a part of who I am so it's important for me to still have a presence here,'' she said.
She officially begins her new duties at the statehouse August 14.