arrest in death of mc girl

Friday, July 21, 2017 13:56 PM
Written by Stan Maddux
Category: Local News

An arrest has been made for Tuesday's hit and run death of a 5-year old Michigan City girl while she was returning to a park to retrieve her flip flops.

Marcus Scully, 35, of Trail Creek was charged Thursday with level 5 felony leaving the scene of an accident resulting in death.

If convicted, he could face anywhere from 1 to 6 years in prison under Indiana law.

According to police, investigators were looking for a light colored Chevy Equinox captured on video traveling through the area at about the time Delaney Klewer was struck in the 300 block of Broadway St. when a local attorney Thursday morning contacted detectives.

The attorney reported his client wished to come forward and provide information about the crime.

During an interview with Scully, police said information developed that implicated him as the driver.

Cpl. Steve Alt said a search warrant was executed on a Chevy Equinox but couldn't say if that was the same one depicted in the video.

''I'm glad he turned himself in when he should have done it that same day,'' said Phillip Smith, the grandfather of the victim.

Smith said Delaney out of his nine grandchildren was special.

''I love them all the same but everybody knew that Delaney was my baby,'' he said.

He said Delaney was like her mother when she was a small child in that she would lay on his chest and go to sleep.

''Anything she wanted she pretty much got from me when she smiled at me,'' said Smith.

Her parents, Gail Biela and Matthew Klewer were preparing Delaney's gravesite at Greenwood Cemetery before an arrest in the case was publicly announced Thursday afternoon.

She said Delaney's final resting place will be near the grave of her daughter's uncle, Christopher Smith, a Michigan City Police officer just 25 when he succumbed in 2007 to cancer.

Biela said Delaney like her was a Green Bay Packers fan and she had on a jersey of her favorite NFL team when killed.

She just ordered a new one to bury her in.

''She was wearing it when hit. They had to cut if off of her,'' Biela said.

According to family members, Delaney and her eight-year old sister, Sara, were walking back to Water Tower Park to retrieve the flip flops they forgot to bring home.

Sara said she yelled for Delaney to get out of the street when she saw what she described as a fast moving vehicle approaching.

Alt said a second video from another nearby location shows what also could be an SUV traveling in the area of the accident scene during the same time period.

Investigators were not sure if the vehicle in each video is the same because one video yielded a much more close up image than the other, said Alt.

Originally, the suspected vehicle was described as a black or dark gray SUV.

But, Ault said the vehicle description was provided by children playing in the area and the higher quality image of the one in the picture was the only one peaking the interest of investigators.

''Now our attention is focused on that lighter colored vehicle,'' he said.

Charges could also be forthcoming against an undisclosed member of the public on allegations of providing false information to detectives that hindered the investigation, police said.

That matter is still being further looked into, police said.