counterfeit $100 bills spree busted

Wednesday, July 19, 2017 16:29 PM
Written by Stan Maddux
Category: Local News

A man and woman from other states were charged Monday with passing counterfeit $100 bills at seven or more businesses in LaPorte.

Kasae M. Stacker, 21, of Blue Island, Illinois is charged with two counts of counterfeiting and two counts of attempted counterfeiting, all Level 6 felonies.

Jeramiah D. Johnson, 26, of Minneapolis, Minnesota is charged with four counts of aiding, inducing, or causing counterfeiting, all level 6 felonies.

LaPorte Police Chief of Detectives Tom Thate said counterfeit money was found on their possession during a Saturday night traffic stop of a blue Buick Century resembling the one the suspects were spotted leaving in at some of the stores.

Thate would not say how many phony bills were confiscated but he revealed they were high enough quality to be accepted for payment at several locations and pass counterfeit bill detector pens.

All of the bills shared the same seriial numbers.

Some cashiers, though, feeling there just wasn't something right about the bills refused to accept them and in most of those cases the suspects simply turned and walked out.

If the suspects were part of ring, how they ended up with the bills and why they came to LaPorte were among the questions still being looked into.

''We don't have any specifics whether they were manufacturing the money or just receiving the money from someone else,'' Thate said.

The bills started emerging Thursday at the BP station at 1302 Lincolnway; Culver's at 233 Pine Lake Ave.; Marco's Pizza at 1505 Lincolnway and the adjacent Family Video.

Then, about 10 a.m. Saturday, an attempt to pay with a fake $100 was reported at Family Dollar at 701 E. Lincolnway, police said.

A woman later identified as Stacker grabbed the bill back from the employee who called 911, said police.

A responding LaPorte County Police officer quickly pulled over a vehicle driven by Johnson on Pine Lake Ave. then after locating counterfeit money arrests were made.