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Saturday September 22, 2018

abused kitten makes full recovery

Tuesday, July 11, 2017 15:45 PM
Written by Stan Maddux
Category: Local News

Close to death, perhaps, a female kitten after kicked and stomped on in LaPorte has made a complete recovery.

''The kitten is doing real well now. It just needs a home,'' said Dr. Patrick Dorroh, a veterinarian who placed the feline named ''Layla'' by his staff under his care.

Two men believed to be in their early 20's were spotted abusing the kitten July 6 in the 500 block of Detroit St.

LaPorte Police Chief Adam Klimczak said no arrests were made but the investigation is ongoing.

Adam Edmondson, 27, said he along with his wife and stepson were on their way to Stone Lake beach when they saw the men ''kicking and stomping all over this kitten.''

Edmondson stopped the car and yelled at the men who left in a car.

With the cat now ''flopping around in the front yard,'' Edmondson said he and his wife put ice and water on the kitten and waited for police to show up.

In his report, officer William Bunton described the kitten as ''clinging to life'' when he took her to the LaPorte County Small Animal Shelter where Dr. Dorroh happened to be at the time caring for some of the dogs and cats there.

Dorroh said the kitten was gasping for air from significant respiratory distress and going into shock then was given fluids and medication intravenously.

He later took the kitten to his clinic, All Creature Features Animal Hospital near Kingsbury. where a few days later the feline began showing noticeable improvement.

''She's being feisty. She's very playful,'' said Dani Bright, a receptionist at Dr. Dorroh's clinic.

Dorroh said the flexibility of her bones from being so young probably kept her from sustaining fractures and other more serious injuries.

He feels the kitten was probably a stray since nobody had yet claimed her.

Within a few days, Dorroh expects to take the kitten back to the LaPorte County Small Animal Shelter at 2855 W. Indiana 2 where he hopes she'll be adopted.

Jane Bernard, the director of the shelter, said she must receive clearance from LaPorte Police that there is no actual owner before an effort is made to find her a good home.

Dorroh said he's covering the expense of caring for the kitten since the cost isn't that much.
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