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Saturday September 22, 2018

sketch of attempted kidnapper released

Tuesday, July 11, 2017 15:42 PM
Written by Stan Maddux
Category: Local News

Leads are being generated from a composite sketch just released of a man who on July 29 tried abducting a one-year old boy near Fish Lake.
That's according to LaPorte County sheriff John Boyd, who didn't know if tips from going public Monday with the rendering by a sketch artist with Indiana State Police have developed into anything substantial.
''I don't know how strong they are because we have investigators out there tracking down those leads,'' said Boyd.
According to police, the father with his son nearby was outside his home in the 7400 block of E. Indiana 4 when a man got out of a possible silver or tan 1990's model Ford Aerostar asking for water.
When the father returned with the water, the man was trying to stuff the boy into a duffel bag, police said.
The father punched the suspect and took his son inside then ran back out but the suspect was leaving.
Anyone with information can contact the LaPorte County Sheriff's Office at (219) 326- 7700.
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