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Saturday September 22, 2018

boy run over by tractor improving greatly

Monday, July 03, 2017 15:33 PM
Written by Stan Maddux
Category: Local News

A three year old Kingsbury area boy run over June 21 by a tractor on his family's farm is talking and judging from a video of him

posted by his mother on social media is in good spirits.

Edward Burek-Phillips is out of the intensive care unit at Comer's Children's Hospital in Chicago.

He was awake Thursday when declared an honorary LaPorte County sheriff's deputy during a visit by several emergency responders and in a

video posted Sunday on his mother's Facebook page spoke a few words from his hospital bed.

He also held up his fists to illustrate how strong he is at the request of his mother, Rebecca Burek.

Edward, who's initial prognosis was very uncertain, also waved and both he and his mother seemed overjoyed in laughter.

''Oh muscles. You're so funny,'' she told her son in the video.

LaPorte County Sheriff John Boyd said the honorary deputy status illustrates how the boy and the rapid progress in his ongoing recovery have

been a source of inspiration for all emergency responders not just those involved at the accident scene.

''It's something we do on occasion when someone who helps to lift our spirits Someone that we look at as a real hero because of their bravery

and certainly he exemplifies all of that,'' said Boyd.

Boyd added what easily could have been even more tragic has also brought the employees of his department closer together ''in realizing the

importance of life and how precious it is.''

According to LaPorte County Police, the boy was on a bicycle when run over by a tractor operated by his grandfather, Ed Burek while he was

backing up to go out into the field.

The accident occurred at Bureks' Farm which offers seasonal produce and a gift shop with all handmade items on 400 South just east of U.S 35.

The Burek's were still declining comment when contacted on Monday.

But, in her Facebook posts, his mother reports Edward suffered more than a dozen skull fractures and other major injuries but doctors expect a

full recovery.

She also reports her son has gotten up and gone for a walk.

Chandra Michaels didn't know the Burek's prior to the accident but was moved enough to start baking and selling cookies June 26 to raise

money to help the family with expenses stemming from the accident.

By Monday, she and her staff at Cafe Trilogy in LaPorte had baked more than 7,800 cookies and raised well over $6,000.

Some people just handed over some money without taking any cookies.

Michaels said she has since been paid visits by the boy's parents and later his grandfather in what she described as very emotional get


''On the way to work everyday, I drive by the farm and one day I thought to myself we need to do something as a community to help these

people out,'' she said.

Michaels estimated she has enough dough to bake another 600 cookies then once all of supplies are gone she plans to keep seeking donations

for the family.

''When we run out of dough, we'll still take the dough,'' she said.
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