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Saturday May 26, 2018

wells out as Slicers hoops coach

Tuesday, June 13, 2017 15:01 PM
Written by Stan Maddux
Category: Local News

Tom Wells is out as head coach of the LaPorte High School boys basketball team.

The decision was made Monday night by the school board, which offered no explanation.

Wells was 19-7 last season and although he had some losing seasons during his 15 years as

head coach did bring home three sectional titles.

LaPorte School Board president Mark Kosior says reasons for dismissing

the coach cannot be revealed because it's a personnel matter.

He says the recommendation was from the superintendent.....

And.after looking at the facts the board made its decision......

Kosior says the board like with anything else tries not to let feelings factor

into the process.....

There was a feeling by his supporters that Wells was let go because of lack of 

playing time and disciplinary action against players whose parents serve on the school board.

Wells would not respond to the speculation and said he plans to continue on as a physical

education teacher at the high school.
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