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Saturday May 26, 2018

charges in crash beating

Thursday, June 08, 2017 16:44 PM
Written by Stan Maddux
Category: Local News

Dallas Preston was under the influence of alcohol and cocaine and driving with no headlights on.
Then he crashed and beat his back seat passenger so badly he left what he thought was going to be a dead body.
That's the picture drawn from allegations in LaPorte Circuit Court where the 24-year old North Judson man is charged with level 3 felony aggravated battery.
Dusty Buren, 22, of Michigan City is charged with level 5 felony battery.
Early Sunday, authorities found a bloody and incoherent Maurice Edmond on the ground outside a car that crashed into a guardrail where 950 West dead ends with Interstate 94 near Michigan City.
The 33-year old Michigan City man had no identification and could only mumble his first name, according to courtoom testimony from LaPorte County Police detective Jennifer Rhine-Walker prior to arrest warrants being issued Wednesday.
Edmond was airlifted to an Indianapolis hospital with fractures to the socket of his left eye along with broken ribs and a nose.
He can no longer see out of his damaged eye.
"Doctors don't know if the vision will come back or if so to what extent,'' said Walker.
According to the findings of the investigation, all three people left the party in a 1997 Oldsmobile Preston had recently borrowed from a man who hired him to do some landscaping work.
There were no headlights on when the car struck the guardrail and Preston blaming Edmond for the crash yanked him from the back seat and started kicking him.
Buren admitted to kicking the man once at Edmond's request and walking away, said Walker.
Edmond after showing up at his girlfriend's home told her what happened and asked for a ride out of state to avoid what he thought was going to be a murder charge, the findings show.
According to court records, Preston has twice been convicted of battery and has prior convictions for other offenses like resisting law enforcement and operating while intoxicated.
He's also lived in Westville.
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