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Saturday May 26, 2018

virus leads to cyber coverage

Wednesday, June 07, 2017 14:58 PM
Written by Stan Maddux
Category: Local News

After all LaPorte County government e-mails were disabled by a virus, the cost of any future Cyber attacks will now be covered by insurance.
The policy was purchased Wednesday by the LaPorte County Commissioners for $15,000.
The county's server was disabled when an employee May 16 clicked an e-mail containing virus.
It took three days to remove the virus and during that time e-mail access was down, forcing county employees to communicate totally on the telephone and delay completing some of their work until e-mail service was restored.
Employees are now required to be trained on how to recognize suspicious e-mails so any other ones containing a virus don't get opened again.
Darlene Hale, the county's information technology director, said about half of the workers have already gone through the program. The remainder must follow suit or have their e-mail access suspended until they complete the course.
''We have to get it done. We still have clickers out there,'' she said.
E-mail access was down again Wednesday because of the process beginning for shutting down the old server and installing a new one with more virus protections.
Hale said the switch over is a lengthy process and e-mail access will be blocked again when the work cannot be scheduled during off-hours.
Fortunately, no information was gleaned from any of the e-mails during the attack by the virus that originated somewhere in China, she said.
Property tax and other important data stored electronically were also not disturbed.
John Jones of Michiana Insurance told the commissioners the coverage also extends to any damage occurring elsewhere from a virus that somehow finds its way into a file transmitted by the county.
Jones said there's been a growth in cyber coverage in recent years with the hacking that has occured at some of major companies and institutions.
''More people probably do not have it than do but that's rapidly changing as you know,'' said Jones.
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