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Saturday May 26, 2018

WWII veteran attends laporte ceremony

Monday, June 05, 2017 14:01 PM
Written by Stan Maddux
Category: Local News

Lewis Juday moved to LaPorte after high school then a year later was fighting in World War II.

The 92 year old Juday was among the veterans standing at attention during a Saturday dedication for 25 new bricks added to the Veterans Walkway of Honor in LaPorte.

Juday was among the new recipients of a brick engraved with his name and brief information about his tour of duty in the military.

''I think this is wonderful to give thank you to those who have served. I just think so much of it,'' said Juday.

Juday grew up in Elkhart County then came to LaPorte for a job and a year later was heading off to the war.

He was in three battles, including the Battle of Okinawa outside Japan considered the bloodiest in the Pacific with more than 82,000 direct casualties estimated on both sides.

Juday served in both the Navy and Marines.

He later owned Haverstock Funeral Home in LaPorte for 50-years and now lives on the Island at Pine Lake.

The walkway at Soldiers Memorial Park started in 1999 with the late Jim and Barb Hagenow at the forefront as representatives from the mayor's veterans committee.

It now has over 2,000 bricks with the names of veterans and details about their service engraved.

The section with engravings is close to 200 feet long with bricks available for future engraving making up another 100 foot stretch of the walkway that runs monuments from numerous past wars.

Larry Pinkerton, a current mayor's veterans committee member, said engraved bricks cost just $25 and any veteran as long as they have lived in LaPorte County at some point are eligible to receive one.

Applications must be turned in by January 1 for an engraved brick to go in that year, he said.

''There's no better way than to honor a veteran than to get them a brick'' said Pinkerton.

Mayor Blair Milo, who spent time on active duty in the Middle East while serving in the Navy, told the gathering of about 100 people Indiana is 16th in population but has the fourth largest National Guard.

About 200,000 Hoosiers or 75-percent of Indiana's male population served during the Civil War, she said.

''The Army knows when they need people they can count on calling on Hoosiers to step forward and answer this country's needs,'' said Milo
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