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Saturday May 26, 2018

mother and son recovered after train collisioni

Monday, June 05, 2017 14:00 PM
Written by Stan Maddux
Category: Local News

A Kingsford Heights woman and her six-year old son were recovering Monday from serious injuries after struck by a train Saturday night.
Two other people were also seriously injured in separate weekend crashes in LaPorte County, including a New Carlisle man on a bicycle.
According to police, 37-year old Crystal Hill drove around the crossing gates after a westbound freight train passed then was struck by an eastbound train.
''They're alright. They're getting better,'' said Pedro Garrido, the husband of the woman behind her in another vehicle when the collision occurred about 8 p.m. at the CSX crossing on Range Road near 800 South.
LaPorte County Police Capt. Mike Kellems said drivers should wait until crossing gates are completely up before proceeding.
''Wait even if it takes a few extra seconds for them to go up,'' said Kellems.
Hill and her son, Jacob Bautista, remained at Parkview Hospital in Ft. Wayne hospital where they were airlifted.
Kellems said the injuries were not life threatening.
According to police, the boy was a front seat passenger in the 2006 Chrysler 300 struck toward the rear of the passenger side.
The vehicle came to rest in a cornfield about 150 feet from the crossing and the train pulling 67 cars was traveling 38 miles per hour at impact, police said.
Gregory Thompson, 56, of New Carlisle was taken to Memorial Hospital in South Bend after hit from behind on his bicycle on Indiana 2 about 7:30 a.m. Saturday.
According to hospital officials, he remained in critical condition Monday.
Kellems said Thomas was eastbound when struck near 150 East by what was described by a single witness as a green truck that left the scene.
Investigators on Monday were turning to the public for help in identifying the driver and planning to see if any nearby businesses had surveillance video that could provide a further description of the vehicle and other information about the crash.
It was not known if Thompson was riding on the shoulder or in one of the travel lanes.
Kellems said Thompson was out for a ride and seemed to be an avid bicyclist judging by his equipment and physical condition.
''Probably one of the factors that kept him alive was that he was in pretty shape,'' said Kellems.
A man was flown to an Indianapolis hospital Sunday after a car crashed into a barricade near Michigan City.
About 4 a.m., police found a 1997 Oldsmobile on 950 West and Maurice Edmond unconscious outside the vehicle with serious head injuries.
The road comes to a dead end at the barricade that separates it from Interstate 94, police said.
Edmond had a blood alcohol level of .30-percent., police said.
Kellems revealed Monday that some of his injuries that could have resulted from a beating either after, during or prior to the crash.
About 90 minutes after the train collision, 36- year old Anthony Freese pulled up despite the road still being closed until investigators completed their work.
Police said there was an open bottle of rum in the vehicle and the Kingsford Heights man was was arrested for operating while intoxicated with an alleged blood alcohol level of .27-percent.
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